proofreading and editing examples

1. Rectified Documents

Your editor will rectify consistency errors and language in text or via track changes and provide additional comments and suggestions.

2. Personal Note

Along with the edited document, you’ll receive a personal note in which the editor answers your questions and explains how your text has been improved.

most common mistake

3. Most Common Mistake

You’ll also receive an overview of errors to watch out for, with personalized tips to improve your language and academic style.

The goal is to help you recognize your mistakes and become a better writer.

4. Structure Check

With the Structure Check, your editor provides feedback on structural issues such as repetition and redundancy, transitions between sentences and paragraphs, and the use of headings.

You’ll also receive a Structure Check Report focused on the organization of chapters and sections. The report identifies where you should focus your efforts as you revise the paper.

structure check

clarity check

6. Clarity Check

If you select the Clarity Check, the editor will complete two checklists to check your paper for logic and clarity. The editor will also provide clarity-related advice in the in-text comments.